Illustrated Breed Standard

Learn all about what Golden Retriever is supposed to be, from looks to temperament.

Breed Standard (GRCA)

Finding a Puppy

Finding just the right puppy or adult for your household takes some homework, as not all puppies or breeders are created equal. The GRCA (Golden Retriever Club of America) has excellent resources to help guide you in your search. First, be sure the Golden is the right breed for your household’s lifestyle, then go through the Q&A process for yourself and the breeders or organizations you encounter.

Find a Golden (GRCA)

Golden Retriever Rescue

Consider adopting a rescue golden. Not all households can handle raising a puppy (it can be a LOT of work!!), but perhaps an older puppy or dog would be more appropriate.

NORCAL Golden Retriever Rescue

Homeward Bound Golden Rescue

Breeder & Puppy Referral

NORCAL Golden Retriever Club has a Northern California breeder referral service.  Visit our Referral Questionnaire link below to fill out a referral form, and we’ll send you valuable information to help guide you in your search for a new family member.

Referral Questionnaire

After You Get Your Puppy


Socialization is about safely exposing your puppy to as many things as you can, at least to those things that will be a part of their life with you.  This will help them develop resilience. Exposure should be done in a way that makes the puppy as comfortable as possible.  The video below has some great information about socialization.


There are a wealth of resources available for training your puppy these days.

On-line classes are great for exercises you can teach at home and while out and about.

In-person classes are great for learning manners and social skills around people and other dogs.

Teaching tricks is a fun way to build a relationship with your puppy, and give them a repertoire of skills.

Interested in doing more with your puppy?  There are all sorts of dog sports to try, and our area has classes available for pretty much all of them!
Agility, Barn Hunt, Conformation Shows, Dock Diving, Field, Hunting, Obedience, Rally, Scent Work, are just a few of the sports you and your dog can play in.


Find like-minded people that share your interests in Golden Retrievers. These clubs host events in which you and your dog can participate.

Golden Retriever Clubs

Find other like-minded Golden Retriever enthusiasts at your local GR Breed club. In Northern California, that’s us!

NORCAL Golden Retriever Club – How To Join

Golden Retriever Club of America

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