Emberain Flyin’ Skotzmyn AX AXJ XF DS WC JH CCA TKI

Tartyn Does It All!

Tartyn’s had an AMAZING year & I couldn’t be prouder of my guy!  He started off 2022, at 2 ½ years old,  by completing his OF & OAJ titles.

April was a huge month, earning him his AX, CCA & WC.  He worked hard for that WC, having to chase his live flyer about 200 yards before returning it to Mom & heading back out for his memory bird.  “No problem.  Here you go, Mom.”  That demonstration resulted in several invitations to join “real hunters” in the field & a couple of offers to buy “that dog that wouldn’t give up.”  Those offers were declined, for obvious reasons!

May wasn’t half bad either.  He earned his XF & AXJ titles, received an all clear on his Golden Retriever Genetic Health Panel & (highlight of the month) took first place on a Standard Agility course, beating his Papa Punch!  We were told by his breeder, with a gleam in her eye, that this was NOT acceptable!

June brought us our DS title & our first (of many, we hope) agility Double Q, just weeks after his 3rd birthday.  Only 19 more QQ’s to go to earn his first MACH!

We spent August vacationing at the lake & training for our Junior Hunt tests.  He made quick work of that, earning his 4 required JH legs in 4 days over 2 consecutive weekends.  The JH title earned him the final points required for his VC – our application for that is in the works.

Tartyn, I adore you!  You’re more accomplished than I ever imagined & I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!  Keep up the great work!

Congratulations Kelley and Tartyn!