Field Drills

We have two sample drills from the excellent book “Building A Retriever: Drills & More” by Carol F. Cassity.  NORCAL GRC is grateful to Carol for allowing us to re-print two of her drills here for our members to use.

Level: All

A fundamental drill that can be revisited throughout a dog’s career.

Level: Advanced

Teach dog to take a line between the gunner stations to get to the marks.


The GRCA website has a lot of valuable information every handler should know before entering their first WC/X event.

WC/X Rules and Regulations

Sample WC/WCX Test Diagrams

So You Want a WC/WCX On Your Dog?

Tips for WC/WCX Handlers from Glenda Brown

Field Etiquette

Field Training Group Etiquette

  • Some excellent advice from Carol Cassity about training in groups for newbies and seasoned handlers, alike!

Field Test / Trial Etiquette

  • Great tips from Carol Cassity on what to expect and how to prepare for your turn at the line.

Field Terms

Glossary of Field Terms

  • A really helpful guide to common field terminology courtesy of