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Please join NORCAL GRC as we spend a day in the field watching our Goldens, Flat Coats & Poodles do what they love!

This April, we are running concurrent WCX and WC stakes, with one pair of judges for the day.

The WCX Land Stake will begin at 8:00am with the first working dog to run immediately thereafter. We ask that you check in with the Stake Marshal and be ready to run when it is your turn.

The WC Land Stake will begin immediately following the WCX Land Stake (at a different field).  Both groups will then move to water, with the WCX Water Stake running first, immediately followed by the WC Water Stake.

Hope to see you all there running dogs or helping out!


We have two terrific judges on-board for this event.  They are sure to set up fun and fair tests, and it will be a great day in the field!


  • John Rohrbacher
  • Ed Ryska


Entries are now closed.

Download the premium here: Spring 2022 WC/WCX Premium and Entry Form

WC & WCX Rules & Training Info

All participants are strongly encouraged to read the current GRCA WC / WCX Rules, and familiarize yourselves with the requirements for each test.  Here is a link to the rules on the GRCA website:


The GRCA also provides some WC/WCX training information, and we recommend you check out the sample diagrams, as well as the excellent training tips from Glenda Brown:

GRCA – Training for WC/WCX


This is an all-volunteer event. If you would like to help with this event, please contact the Test Chair, Samantha Dillard, or Test Secretary, Christine Hsu.


Pre-Order a delicious pulled pork sandwich or a veggie dog!  Order deadline:  Sunday, April 17th.

Lunch Order Form

Run Order



Thank you for having me out on Saturday and it is always a privilege to work with all of you and your amazing pups. I have completed the photos from the event and have them live on the website, link is provided below. I cut the prices in half for this event but will not be doing package deals unless you find yourself spending over $100.
  1. Follow the link to view the photos: NorCal GRC April 23, 2022
  2. You can create a favorites list and add individual photos to your cart. All photos will be in high quality original size.
  3. If you find yourself going over $100 in your cart please email me.
  4. You will find that I ordered the photos for WCX and WC with owners/handlers. If your number was for example: 14 in WC you will find your photos listed longer down the list in the album.
  5. If you experience any issues using the website please reach out to me in an email and I will be there to help.
I hope all of you enjoy the photos from the event. Again, don’t hesitate to reach out, build a favorites list, and or build a cart as you move through the photos.
~ Zachary Heath

Other Questions?

Contact Test Chair, Samantha Dillard

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