Go Long! Field Training Day

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This event is now full.  Observer spots are still available.  Any dogs entered after November 12 will be added to the waitlist.

Go Long!

Basic Ideas for Training Smarter, Understanding Factors, and Increasing Distance

WHY is your great marking dog sometimes way off on a mark?
Besides wind, terrain and scent, it often has to do with the direction birds are thrown, and usually their relation to the other marks.
Then, throw in the factors mentioned above and add a little more distance into the mix and you have more issues.

Understand the many variations and train your dog on each picture
Realize how each picture can affect your dog, so you can influence his line.
(And YOU LOOK for the picture in the test/training set-up)
Get your dog used to this “Interference” in his desire to just go get the bird asap.

BECAUSE: all these things are necessary to ensure excellence at the level your dog is testing.

It’s a white shirt day.
Like water pictures, white paints a very clear concept ‘picture’ for the dog to remember.
We will use concept doubles (in a triple set-up).

MARKS (all land) will be set at approx 75, 150, 225 yds with the option to move up to shorten distances as needed.

This will be a MINI-SEMINAR (White Boards!)

We’d like everyone to be able to watch dogs and learn something from observing, so NORCAL GRC is arranging for 2 workers to throw and we’ll ask a couple of experienced handlers to throw a 3rd mark (and run a dog).  These folks will also help offer words of wisdom back in the gallery.

Marks may be run as singles, doubles or triples.

This training day is meant for all levels of dogs who have a reliable field retrieve

Limit of 25 working dogs. Observers are welcome with pre-registration.

Date: Saturday, November 20, 2021 

Time:  We start running dogs at 8:30 am.  Please arrive by 8:00 am to sign in and air your dogs. Plan on staying through the early afternoon.

Cost:  No cost for NORCAL GRC Club Members, $10.00 per dog for non-club members

As we do for our club Flyer Days, these ‘rarer’ retriever breeds (Flat Coat Retrievers, Tollers, and Poodles) are welcome to attend.

In addition, you MUST sign up in advance for Training Days.  Spaces are limited, and will fill quickly.

Volunteer Particpation

We have arranged for workers for this event, so participants will not be asked to throw birds.  However, we still need everyone’s help in moving equipment out to the field and getting everything set up and packed up at the end of the day.

Guest Instructor

Debbie Tandoc will be leading this seminar / training day!

If you have any questions about the event and whether it’s appropriate for your dog, feel free to email Debbie directly.

Other Training Day Details

General Items to Bring

  • Shade and/or rain protection for your dog’s crate
  • Water for you and your dog
  • Lunch for you
  • Towels for muddy dogs and yourself

Equipment you need to Bring

  • Training Whistle
  • Duck Call
  • Folding Chair
  • Umbrella
  • Ear protection (simple ear plugs work)
  • Warm clothing and rain gear if needed.  Layers work very well.
  • Rain boots for muddy walks out into the field to throw

Sign In at CRTA Grounds

This is a NORCAL Golden Retriever Club training day, so there are no guest fees for Denverton CRTA.  However, if you are not a CRTA member, you will need to sign a hold-harmless form.   (If you are a member, but have not signed a form this year, you will also need to sign one.)  You will find the hold harmless form here.

Please read the first page AND print out the last page, sign and bring with you.  We also have an event sign in sheet with everyone’s name on it.  This separate sign in page is at the kiosk, please find your name on the sign in form, and leave your hold harmless on the clip board behind the sign-in form.

If you are a CRTA member, please still sign in on the separate sign-in sheet with your name on it.

Grounds Rules

Please stay on the gravel road and do NOT try to drive around puddles on the side of the road.  If you get stuck in the mud and have to have a tow truck come, it is very, very, very expensive and AAA will not come out.  In addition, you are responsible for costs to repair any damage to the grounds due to your vehicle.

Priority Registration for NORCAL GRC Members

This event is now full.  If you’d like to be added to the waitlist, or sign up as an observer, please use the entry form below:

Online Entry Form

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