CCA (Certificate of Conformation Assessment)

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GRCA Certificate of Conformation Assessment: Read more about the CCA program

Evaluators: Pluis Davern, Nancy Talbott, and Jennifer Masterson

Premium List:   [Download PDF]  

Entering the CCA:   Entry method is First Received. We strongly encourage on-line entries- the entry fee is the same. To sign up on-line, do the following:

  1. Download and read the Premium List.
  2. Download and fill out this fillable Entry Form: [Download Now]
  3. Print the entry form and sign it.
  4. Scan the signed entry form.
  5. Scan your dog’s AKC or CKC registration certificate.
  6. Email both the scanned forms to Mary Dent, the CCA secretary. Her email address is listed on the Premium List.
  7. Pay using the form below.  You may use your credit card or Paypal.


Dog Name from CCA entry form

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