Calliope Just A Wild Mtn Girl OA OAJ XF TKN CCA

Another BIG brag for the other Brown Girl!!!   “Jacey Mae” Brown, my up and coming agility star, had an AMAZING weekend last weekend at the PWD agility trials at MEC. She was entered in 6 classes, Q’d in all 6 with placements and earned 3 titles too!!! Excellent FAST, Open JWW and Open STD!!! She is now moved up to Master FAST, and Excellent JWW and STD!!!

Wahooo – what an amazing little girl she is.  Looking like she might be as consistent as her “sister” Hallie…..   I am absolutely blown away by how quickly she learned this sport and what good attention she pays while running and how fast she is and how much she loves it!!!

Having so much fun with my girls and having trouble keeping up with both of them now. :0)  At least they are running the same courses now so I don’t have to remember so many.

Congratulations Ann and Jacey!