Calliope Just A Wild Mtn Girl JH MX MXJ MXF CGC TKN WC VC CCA

I am happy and proud to say that “Jacey” is continuing the tradition of versatile Golden girls in our family.

She is a multifaceted girl, doing well in agility, showing that she does have the retriever instinct by earning her WC and JH, and she also conforms very nicely to the breed standard by receiving very nice scores in her CCA evaluations.

I have always believed in multi-purpose Goldens: dogs that have the looks, structure, desire and ability to do it all. Jacey is my 5th Golden girl to earn this recognition.

So proud of her and what we have accomplished and looking forward to many more adventures together, if I am still young enough to keep up with her. :0)

Congratulations Ann and Jacey!

Photo credit: Jessica Hecock (Agility) and Zach Heath, SweetAz Productions (Field)