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Introducing my latest JH girlie – Jacey Mae Brown JH!!!

“Jacey” did a great job last weekend at the NORCAL GRC Hunt Tests at Denverton and earned her last 2 JH legs with flying colors.

4 JH tests = 4 qualifying legs = JH title – wahooo!

And, all with very minimal training. I am so thankful for all the NORCAL training days that were made available to us.

She got nice compliments from all of the judges and one judge said “I love your dog – she is so cute”. As Jacey aced her marks and delivered to hand, I also thought “and she is also a very nice field dog too”. 😉

So proud of her and what we have accomplished in her short 3.75 years we have been together.

Congratulations Ann and Jacey!