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President - Laura Finco [email]
VP, Conformation - Jeanetta Gulden [email]
VP, Obedience - Dimity Mueller [email]
VP, Field - Debbie Tandoc [email]
VP, Agility - Linda Lang [email]
Secretary - Wendy Silveira [email]
Treasurer - Ron/Patty Simmons [email]


Meetings are held four times a year at various Bay Area locations. The four include the Annual Meeting, which includes election of officers, and the Awards Banquet where the achievements of members and their dogs are recognized. The other meetings include a short business meeting and an educational program or activity.

Specialty Shows are held twice a year and include conformation and obedience competition. Golden Retrievers from the West Coast attend and it is a great opportunity to meet many Golden fanciers.

Field events including an AKC Hunt Test, AKC Tracking Test, and GRCA Working Certificate and Working Certificate Excellent tests are held annually.

Picnic trials (field training sessions) are held monthly from early spring to fall. Experienced trainers are usually in attendance to offer training assistance to dogs and their owners.

Fun matches are held once or twice a year and include conformation and obedience events. They provide an opportunity for young or inexperienced dogs and/or handlers to work in a ring situation.

Eye clinics are held annually. Goldens are checked for hereditary eye problems at a nominal fee. Norcal also sponsors heart, blood, and tattoo clinics.


The objectives of the Norcal Golden Retriever Club are:

To encourage the members to perfect, by selective breeding, Golden Retrievers that possess the soundness, temperament, natural ability, and personality that is reflected in the standard of the breed, and to do all possible to advance and promote the perfection of these qualities.

To urge members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed, as approved by the AKC, as the only standard of excellence by which the Golden Retriever shall be judged.

To protect and advance the interest of the breed by encouraging sportsmanlike competition at dog shows; obedience, field, and agility trials; and hunting and tracking test.

To conduct sanctioned matches, specialty shows, trials, and tests under the rules and standards of the AKC.

To support and encourage cooperation of the parent club - The Golden Retriever Club of America, Inc.

To further the club aims of the education of members and the general public in the care, handling, breeding, showing, and training of their dogs by providing an opportunity to work together, and with experts, on their common problems; and to promote good fellowship among Golden Retriever owners.


Prospective members are required to attend and participate in 3 NORCAL GRC events before they are eligible for membership. A club sponsor is required, and the membership application can be mailed to the Membership Secretary. Annual dues are $25 for single memberships and $30 for family memberships.

Download Membership Application (3-pg PDF, 98KB)

For questions or to submit your membership application, contact Gina King (Membership Secretary) at or call 831-274-6207 (evenings).


Golden Notes, the official publication of Norcal Golden Retriever Club, is published bi-monthly. It includes: upcoming events; results; announcements; articles of interest; litter listings; as well as parent club information (The Golden Retriever Club of America). Non-members may request one complimentary copy by sending a postcard to:

"Golden Notes"
c/o Janet Wood
P.O. Box 66
Port Costa, CA 94569

or call 510-787-2103

Yearly subscriptions, for non-club members is $20. Requests and payment may be sent to the same address.


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